You’ve defined some clear goals for your software development project, but how to prevent choking on the many must-have features? What are the conditions for the “steps on the stairs” to get to the top?

Have you made it possible to actually finish stuff?

The current state of many software in development shows a lot of functionality, but nothing is actually finished and ready for testing by actual human beings. The project progress and software quality are intertwined so wherever you go in the application, you’ll find a lot of “work-in-progress”. …

Data Science has the power to clarify complex into simple(r). In the heaps of information coming towards people, we can highlight the patterns that help them make more sense of the world. And a better understanding of your world creates opportunities for better connecting to other people on the subject and better decision making.

So we slice and dice and fit and viz until we find the insight that tells the story. Then we viz and fix and test and scratch until it connects to the organization’s mental model of the domain, and then expands that knowledge. 🤯

But bringing…

A short history of tailoring business software and an example of tailoring Pipedrive to your data-needs using APIs and webhooks.

Don’t customize your business software!

Anyone who worked with business software in the ’90s and ’00s knows the golden rule of not asking your vendor to make too many customizations. Any software customization would increase the risk and complexity of the implementation and need to be fixed or redone when a new update came out. This would increase the threshold for updating, making it more reasonable to skip updates until there was no other choice for legal, compliance or security reasons. All the skipped small…

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Namen van Nederlandse gevallenen waren het decor op Bevrijdingspop; een enorme lijst die 27,5 uur duurde… voel je hem?

In mijn boekenkast staan de boeken van Stephen Few en Edward Tufte over datavisualisatie. Volgens deze lessen kan je brein inzichten krijgen uit data door deze visueel te maken. Zo kan je verschillen in lengte gebruiken tussen balkjes, en je hebt een staafdiagram. Positie, dikte, grootte en kleur zijn nog meer van de standaard-lessen op dit gebied. …

Maarten van der Vlugt

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